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"The Power of Harmony in Relationships: Discovering Sensual Harmony from the Body's Perspective"

The body, as the most intimate space of our existence, is a witness to our deepest emotions and desires. In the context of relationships, consent can be felt on many levels, and one of the most authentic is sensual consent expressed through the body (and I am not talking about lubrication for women or erection for men). Often, these previously mentioned physiological reactions have little to do with the actual state of consent. Of course, not always, so it is good to learn to read the signals coming from our bodies and share your observations with your partner.

Sensual consent becomes the cornerstone in building satisfying relationships. It is not just acceptance of words or decisions, but a subtle understanding between partners that is born in deeply rooted body sensations.

Sensual consent training is a process that allows partners to dive deeper into their bodies and discover what truly brings them pleasure.

It is worth remembering that consent in relationships is a comprehensive process that includes emotional, intellectual and sensual aspects. Intellectual consent is the ability to share thoughts, views and values, even if they differ. It's about creating space to accept your needs (they don't have to be met). This, as well as dealing with the feeling of disappointment and sometimes anger that what we want is not given to us (the partner does not have to agree). The ability to read the signals coming from the body, ask good questions and set your boundaries is extremely important here.

This can be learned! As a Sex Coach, I can support the couple and help them explore various techniques, focusing on breathing, touch and other bodily experiences.

I can support partners in open communication, helping them understand and accept their emotions and needs. Creating a space where both parties feel understood and accepted is an important element of building emotional harmony.

Try to stop! Below, a short "sensual consent" exercise for couples. It can be an introduction to an interesting conversation or an experience of something different! If you're not ready for it, let's try it together during a session :)

Move to a more intimate environment where you can calmly touch each other (it doesn't have to be sexual touch - you can focus on sensual touch, or whatever touch you need at a given moment.

Explore touch, focus on what types of touch make you feel comfortable and which bring pleasure, and which ones are not positive for you (set boundaries and take care of your mutual experiences).

Share your observations and create a plan on how you can more consciously integrate sensual consent in your intimate life.


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