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About me

Olga Zarzycka

Coacha seksualnego/ coacha intymności / Kobieta

I have always been interested in the complexity of human relationships and human sexuality.

I decided to explore crisis mechanisms and help in crisis situations, not only because of my own experience, but also to support people who face difficult situations in their lives.
In my work, I support people who want to improve their sex life, relationships, and develop self-awareness. I help to look differently at the situation in which the client finds himself. I work using Somatica Method ® or Solution Focused Therapy.

In relationship coaching and sex coaching, I can use touch work (while maintaining the client's and my own boundaries) and mindfulness practice.
I obtained the title of Crisis Consultant accredited by the Polish Society of Intervention and Crisis Coaching and the title of Coach at the

Institute of Psychoeducation and Integral Development.
Wanting to broaden my knowledge and develop my skills in aid work, I took part in additional  trainings, e.g. in the field of Solution Focused Therapy at CTSR and working with couples at Harvard Medical School.

I finished my studies of Psychology at the SWPS University and Clinical Sexology at the University of Economics and Humanities in Warsaw.
I also completed the "Psychopractice" internship for Psychologists and Psychotherapists at Psychoklinika. I am trained by the Somatica Institute ® - Sex Coach Training, Relationship Coach Training.



I provide online and  office consultations where we will focus on  helping to improve life quality of couples and individuals.

 I focus primarily on intimate and romantic relationships, but this can applies to all your environment (friends, family, work colleagues, etc.)

It is combined vessel system.


You can get to know yourself, have a richer emotional life, learn to name what appears like a wave, develop the ability to empathize and be in real contact with another person.

Sexual coaching focuses on work in the area of sexuality and intimate relationships, and most importantly, the relationship with yourself. With your own body, and then with your partner. When you have knowledge at the level of what you like, what gives you pleasure, what bothers you, what your limitations are, it will be easier for to convey this to  partner. Better communication can lead to better understanding and a stronger emotional connection, which can increase a satisfying sexual relationship.

Maintaining a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship is essential to the overall well-being of the couple.

During the sessions, I use experiential and emotion-oriented techniques.

Solution-focused brief therapy is a therapeutic trend that involves reaching a goal (solving a difficult situation) by searching for and making the client aware of his or her capabilities and strengths. Solution-focused therapy focusing most of the attention on the present and future.


Life coaching is a collaborative partnership. The primary goal is to identify and work towards achieving specific objectives, be they personal, career-related, or related to overall life satisfaction. I m using various techniques, strategies, and tools to empower clients to set and pursue meaningful goals.

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