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About me...

Obraz przedstawia coacha seksualnego, relacyjnego. Chcesz mieć pełniejsze życie seksualne? Zapisz się na sesje

Regardless of the type of session, I try to ensure that our meeting takes place in an atmosphere of safety and understanding. This is extremely important because when touching on the topic of sexuality, such an atmosphere can generate greater openness and reducing  shame. I don't diagnose or evaluate preferences.
I like an interactive approach, not only focused on conversation, so that you feel more comfortable and open to your body, sexuality and intimacy. Sessions include exercises because experiential and emotion-oriented techniques make learning and change more effective. Yes, intimacy can be learned!

The words "BE CLOSER" are important to me!

  • Because first you need to be closer to yourself, your body, needs, limitations, to discover your sexuality.

  • Being closer to me - the trainer... you can get to know yourself thanks to openness, honesty and sensitivity to other people.

  • Joint interaction and experience - we can get to know your world, expand it, learn to understand and accept it - WITHOUT SHAME!

  • Get closer to your partner - so that your life will become more colorful, so that you can understand each other and learn to communicate your needs.

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